Mullum SEED Inc. is a leading environmental organisation in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. We partner with other community organisations to strengthen mutually beneficial projects and offer governance advice and funding support to emerging local initiatives.

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Koala Action Gympie Region

Koala Action Gympie Region (KARG) is a voice for the koalas in the Gympie Region. They engage the community in koala population observation and education, and improve the protection of koalas and their habitat. Mullum SEED is auspicing KARG’s koala tree planting, volunteer engagement and education projects.

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The Colony Bees Association

Natural beekeeping education and support.

The Colony Bees Association’s flagship project ‘Pollinate Country’ will engage families, schools and community groups across the Northern Rivers to establish 189 Bee Sanctuary Sites. The participating communities will be provided with pollinator-friendly plants, beehives for either the native sugar-bag bee or honeybee (optional), site establishment landscaping work, and natural beekeeper training.

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COREM: Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby is a not for profit community action group dedicated to setting up community-owned renewable energy projects in the Mullumbimby area.

In the pursuit of a 100% renewable energy future for the region, COREM’s programs invests profits paid back to the community for more renewable energy projects, ever increasing the community benefit.

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Rainforest 4

Rainforest 4 is a non-profit organisation with the mission of rainforest protection for wildlife, climate, people and planet.

Rainforests provide habitat for more than half of all species. They regulate weather patterns, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and provide vital ecosystem services upon which humanity depends. R4’s projects protect and restore rainforests by purchasing land, creating new protected areas, stopping and reversing the impacts of development, and restoring rainforest ecosystems damaged in the past.

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Caldera Contemporary Textiles Collective

Wrapt in Eucalyptus is the inaugural Byron SLOW Textile Festival planned for March 2023. An exhibition of hand-made, quality textiles, non-toxic, naturally dyed, vibrant art pieces and wearables, and participatory workshops and a forum.

Brought to life by a group of pioneering artists, the festival contributes to the global dialogue within the dynamic SLOW textiles movement, where rediscovery of the art and science of natural dyeing sees an alternative the environmentally-impacting fast fashion industry.


Mullumbimby Men’s Shed

The Mullumbimby Men’s Shed’s provides an accessible, safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men.

Participate in intergenerational skill sharing through mentoring boys and young men in Mullumbimby with projects based around recycling and other environmental outcomes.

Visit the Mullumbimby Men’s Shed on site on Tuesdays & Fridays. 

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Organic Landcare Inc

Organic Landcare Inc takes an ecological restoration approach towards conservation working to rebuild and maintain the complex world of soil organisms, and promote alternative, chemical free methods of restoring degraded ecosystems.

Mother Earth Educators is their integrated nature based program designed to plug children into the outdoors, held on site every Friday following the school calendar. Watch the video to learn more.

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ReForest Now

ReForest Now Ltd is a non-profit organisation growing rainforest trees and reforesting Australia. Based in Mullumbimby with a presence in the Daintree, Far North Queensland and Sumatra. Producing scientific studies, education, fieldwork and donation opportunities for individuals and businesses to help plant trees.
Their rainforest tree nursery, growing more than 100,000 trees per year, of 80+ different varieties from local seed can be found on site.
Byron Community College

Firesticks Indigenous Alliance Corporation

Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation is an Indigenous led network and aims to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning by facilitating cultural learning pathways to fire and land management. It is an initiative for Indigenous and non- Indigenous people to look after Country, share their experiences and collectively explore ways to achieve their goals.

Byron Community College 

Byron Community College (BCC) is committed to embedding sustainability principles across the college activities and has won awards for its innovative and holistic approach to sustainability in education. 

BCC delivers their nationally-recognised Permaculture & Horticulture certificate courses in the living classroom and demonstration gardens on site.

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Byron Community College

Sun Moon Star Regenerative Community Alliance

Sun Moon Star makes a positive impact in society through regenerative practices that re-connect people to nature. In 2017, a group of like-minded friends, passionate about permaculture and sustainable regenerative design, started the very first Syntropic Farm Project in Australia.

They also established a unique farm-to-table organic restaurant called OCA (Organic Cuisine and Arts) in Byron Bay. OCA offers quality food and a rich cultural experience, as well as the OCA Store, a natural and dry-goods distribution social business supplying the community with affordable, organic food, weekly.

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Mullum Food Coop

Mullum Food Coop is a community food cooperative that aims to empower access to ethical, affordable, organic whole-foods for all.
Byron Community College

Mullumbimby Community Garden

Mullumbimby Community Garden Inc (MCG) is a multi-award winning facility built by thousands of volunteers from the Byron Shire and beyond. It grows organic produce in Food for All communal gardens and manages a diverse range of projects including Chooks, Children’s Garden, Composting and Nursery Propagation.

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Shara Community Garden

Shara Community Gardens in Shara Boulevard, North Ocean Shores brings people together to share knowledge and creativity and promote values of respect, inclusion, sustainability and the power of the collective.

Our beautiful gardens hold a great purpose – to unite the entire community through social connections, self-sufficiency and education.

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Mullum Cares

Mullum Cares supports its local community to reduce emissions by changing how it consumes products made for human consumption.  Campaigns and operations like its Library of Stuff share library inspire locals to choose to reuse, buy better, share, care, repair and repurpose goods to radically reduce the need to dispose the old then extract, process, and transport new raw materials to make more.

Natural Burial Grounds for Byron Shire

Byron Shire Council unanimously agreed to support a community driven project to establish a Natural Burial Ground on a 5ha site on Valances Road in Mullumbimby. This community group has been auspiced by Mullum SEED giving the team of volunteers the governance, insurance and fundraising support needed as they create the design and management plan.

Donations are currently being sought for building the chapel/ceremony space, toilets and other infrastructure. You can donate on our Donate page, make sure you add your name and ‘NBG’ in the transactions description.


Half Cut

HalfCut is the new face of the environmental movement, wearing the issue that half the world’s forests are destroyed. Wear the HalfCut look – shave, braid, or colour your hair to help save the last remaining 50% forests globally and start the regeneration of what has been lost.

HalfCut is a passionate non-for-profit with a focus on making fun & accessible campaigns that bring urgently needed funding for rainforest protection and regeneration.

Every August go #HalfCut to raise awareness and funds to protect existing forests and replant trees.

Green Tent

Grassroots non-profit organisation providing equitable access to skills and resources for those concerned with building capacity for resilience and adaptation. Activities include Non-violent communication courses, women’s circles focused on supporting kinship with land and local community, supporting local crop swap (Federal Exchange) and nature playgroup for mums of young children to increase density of local connections and support children’s connection to the environment.


Significant Trees Byron Shire

Significant Trees in Byron Shire has created the Significant Tree Register to identify and preserve our natural assets for future generations.

Community members can nominate trees under these categories:
Historic – planted to commemorate an event
Scientific – rare, very large for its species etc.
Social – food producing or meeting places
Aesthetic – awe inspiring and just beautiful.

Nominations are peer reviewed by a locally-based scientific committee.

Holding Hands Underground (HHUG)

HHUG’s community-led flood crisis response project helps to heal, restore and regenerate the rivers, country and communities in and around Mullumbimby and across the Northern Rivers.

The project collaborates with other partners and community groups towards a ‘full system’ approach covering river care, land care, food systems and regenerative agriculture, housing and eco villages, environmentally and socially sustainable models of localised economics, and more.



The ‘Regeneration’ event is a free community festival and planting scheduled for 4 March 2023, at the Mullum SEED Eco Hub. The aim of the event is to reconnect the regional community in the Byron Shire through a deeper engagement with the joy of ecological restoration.

Plan C (Resilient Byron)

Plan C builds community resilience and regeneration. Their Community Carers & Responders program educates, trains, informs, supports, mentors, implements, responds, researches, influences, partners with and facilitates connections.

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Surviving to Thriving

‘Surviving to Thriving’ is a remarkable documentary film about the illness and healing journey of local surfer and surfcoach Karin Ochsner and the healing power of nature and a supportive community.

Help bring this film to life by making a donation

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Te Kapowai Sanctuary

A nature sanctuary encompassing five endangered ecosystems in coastal Northern NSW, Australia. The aim of this initiative is to complete this significant wildlife biodiversity conservation corridor while running direct-seeding workshops with community. The broader aim is to inspire landowners to reforest on any scale, from micro-urban backyards to wildlife corridors.

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Together Pottsville

Together Pottsville is a community group focusing on sustainability and disaster resilience, established in 2021. Projects include Simply Cups coffee cup recycling project, community catch-up events, rubbish clean ups, and the Pottsville Community-Led Resilience Team (CRT), which is the key Together Pottsville project. You can donate via the website. 

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