Mullum S.E.E.D and Luminous Youth present….

Mamatoto Rising – An exploration into the deeper realms of motherhood through ritual, inner journeying, plant spirit wisdom and dance.

Motherhood is a deeply intense spiritual journey that has a profound effect of the future of humanity.
It is an important role that deserves reverence and honour.
Our culture has fallen asleep and forgotten this.
As wise intuitive women it is up to us to reawaken this knowledge by seeing it within ourselves.

This is an invitation to a powerful ritualistic space for women who have answered the call of becoming “Mother”.
As with any true spiritual path motherhood is a journey wrought with hardship as well as joy.
Having children mirror our deepest selves can challenge us beyond what we were prepared for.
It is also an invitation to profound healing.

Facilitated by Erica Nettle-Chik and Suebee Fae, a monthly journey into the deeper realms of motherhood.
Exploring the spiritual work that is on offer to us as mothers.
Understanding how our spiritual self effects our children.
Using and understanding plants as guides and healers.
Finding clarity through inner journey work with Erica Netlle-Chik
Identifying aspects of ourselves that are ready for release and then physically moving them through and out in a dance journey gently guided by Suebee Fae with in the supported arms of your sisters.
This months theme will be “The Inner Child Journey”. Identifying how our triggers are in fact a very real invitation to healing.

Each month will be a new, useable and practical exploration of what it means to be a mother that has accepted the invitation to be a conscious awakener of this ancient art of spirituality.


This month we will be remembering and tuning deeply into our healing capabilties as mothers. Our ability as women to “read” nature for direction and wisdom. We will begin to idenify and clear past trauma that blocks this very natural process together as sisters.

$30 online or $35 on the door

Erica Nettle-Chik is a mumma of four and the founder of ‘Luminous Youth’. Luminous Youth is dedicated to fostering a culture of connection in our society so that together we empower our youth & stay connected to ourselves, each other and the earth. Since her first child was born 15 years ago, Erica has been deeply researching parenting, learning, education and culture and shares from her knowledge and experiences. She has held numerous heart based mothers circles and workshops over the past 10 years. Erica recognises and utilises the inherent and accessible wisdom of plants to nourish, assist and amplify all our learnings on this deeply spiritual and deeply powerful path of motherhood.

Suebee Fae is a mother of one gorgous boy aged 7.
“When I dance I set my wings free.
I dance to heal,
to pray,
and to express myself in the most deeply intimate way.
When I dance I feel my spirit soar and I am one with all Creation”
Suebee Fae

Suebee studied Jazz, Ballet and Tap dance from the age of 7, completing her teaching certificate at the age of 20.
Choosing to pursue a career in advertising, dance became a hobby in her early 20s ~ until a life changing adventure to Byron Bay was the catalyst for her to quit her career and follow her heart … which has always led her back to dance.
She danced professionally as a commercial dancer, with numerous TV & stage performances and corporate events.
Suebee developed a dance program for primary school children, which was accredited by the government and taught to thousands of children across NSW.
Since moving to Byron 7 years ago and becoming a Mama, Suebee loves facilitating sister circles and women’s dance workshops.

She recently performed a choreographed piece by Travers Ross at the 2017 Byron Spirit Festival, and alongside Deya Dova for her new Album release, Myth of the Cave.

Suebee has a gentle and playful nature, and is passionate about people finding their own unique rhythm and freedom in their dance.
For Suebee, dance is more than movement, it is medicine, it is connection to the divine, and a way to express the language of the soul.

Artwork by the magical Lucy PierceĀ