Only one of these zucchini makes the grade for the conventional food system. Can you guess which one ??? There is no such thing as ugly food. It’s just food ! Food waste is such a big issue. The compounding ecological impact of vast amounts of resources being poured into food production, time, money, labour. In conventional systems also the : chemicals, poisons and fertilisers. Only then to have so much of the produce wasted at the source because of aesthetics. Add that to the waste produced at every step of the food chain and then the huge waste that occurs at the home! The environmental impact of food waste is staggering and coupled also with social impact of food accessibility to those who need it and deflated value for produce that is placed on the farmers. By building relationships between farmers and consumer to challenge expectations and cultural norms we can support a fairer food system. Get your food direct from the farm, cut you food miles, know your farmer and support local. You can buy your selection of seasonal veggies from Mullumbimby’s most local farm right on site at the Mullum Community Gardens.