Leasing an allotment in a community garden draws us out of our private backyards and into a new world of gardening and community. Gardening on a communal piece of land creates a feeling of belonging to community, helps us break down the invisible barriers and encourages us to share produce, knowledge, and become friends with people we may never have met otherwise. It also allows people who are without gardens or who are in short term living arrangements to have a small patch of land to grow their organic food on.

Currently we have over 70 uniquely decorated and designed private allotments.


Get an allotment:

Small $48 p.a. + GST

Medium $72 p.a. + GST

Large $96 p.a. + GST

Become a volunteer

Our volunteers are, by far, the largest asset to Mullum S.E.E.D. inc. With their commitment, dedication and energy, the Mullum Community Garden and in fact, all our projects and programs thrive, with benefits for each individual as well as the community as a whole.

In sharing their time with us, community volunteers learn new skills, create new friendships and are empowered knowing that they are contributing to a worthwhile activity in our region.

Community Service


Mullum S.E.E.D. hosts supervised programs for participants who need to meet Work for the Dole and Centrelink requirements to receive their benefits. These “mandated volunteers” gain work related skills that increase their employment opportunities in the wider community.

Our Work Development Order program assist people who are on a low income to repay new or long-standing fines with the State Debt Recovery Office by volunteering in our projects.

We can, from time to time, in special, very low risk cases, manage court appointed community service participants helping them repay their debt to society with practical, hands on activities.

Donate to one of our projects


Mullum S.E.E.D. is a registered environmental organisation with Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient Status.

Our Bunya Sustainability Fund manages donations made to our various projects and partnered organisations and offers tax deductible receipts for donations over $2.